Date:  December 21, 2005

CONTACT:  Ed Weissman, [log in to unmask], 607-255-5754


Collection development officers from top ARL libraries, library
directors, faculty, and others attended the "Janus Conference on
Research Library Collections: Managing the Shifting Ground between
Writers and Readers" in October at Cornell University. More than eighty
invited participants came together to reflect on past accomplishments
and to create an action plan for re-envisioning collection development
in research libraries. 

The conference was timed to occur approximately twenty-five years after
Cornell University Library completed its original assessment of
collection development methods and values, and the ALA Resources and
Technical Services Division (RTSD) Pre-conference on collection
development was held in Detroit. In many ways, these two events shaped
the vision and set the standards for the field of research library
collection development. 

The Janus program committee presented Six Key Challenges for Collection
Development with Actions for Consideration:

1.	RECON. Convert print holdings to digital form.

2.	PROCON. Ensure that scholarly publications in the future are
available in digital form.

3.	Core definition. Define items that compose a core collection in
each discipline and ensure that all research libraries have access to
the same core.

4.	Publisher relations. Negotiate collectively with publishers.

5.	Archiving. Develop and implement cooperative methods to maintain
traditional and digital holdings for the long term.

6.	Alternative channels for scholarly communication. Create a
network of publishing structures that scholars can use as a supplement
or alternative to standard scholarly publishing channels.

While most participants accepted the challenges, there was considerable
discussion regarding actions and follow-up. Participants have formed six
working groups to recommend concrete action plans for each challenge.
The groups are already conferring by e-mail, and results of the
discussions will be considered at the ALCTS Chief Collection Development
Officers meeting at ALA Mid-Winter.

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