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In case you missed these before the holiday break, and especially for those of you with new MP3 players in your pockets, I draw your attention to a series of audio interviews conducted at the recent CNI taskforce meeting in Phoenix and offered as podcasts from the EduCause website: http://connect.educause.edu/folksonomy/cniThey can be played from the website or downloaded as mp3 audio files.


The interviews cover a wide range of digital library and scholarly communications topics, and feature the following speakers (listed in the order they appear on the website, where you can also find brief abstracts):


Charles Henry (Rice)

Susan Gibbons (University of Rochester)

MacKenzie Smith (MIT)

Josť-Marie Griffiths (UNC)

Tara McPherson (University of Southern California)

Jerry Goldman (Northwestern)

Ron Larsen (University of Pittsburgh)

James Shulman (ArtStor)

Susan Perry (CLIR/Mellon)

David Seaman (DLF)

Tony Hey (Microsoft)

Rick Weingarten (ALA)

Joseph Konstan (University of Minnesota)

Barbara Taranto (NYPL)

James Michalko (RLG)

Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive).


Best wishes for the New Year,