One of the biggest problems we have been having with MyLibrary 3.0 is
getting across to people that MyLibrary is more like a toolbox and
not a turnkey system. It is a set of Perl modules used to create
digital library collections and services. It is not a program.

One one hand, by turning the system into purely object-oriented Perl
modules we have been able to exploit all sorts of cool things with
MyLibrary: SRU interfaces, OAI interfaces, importing and exporting in
various formats (MARC, RSS, email, RDF, etc.). At the same time
people seem to be expecting a turn-key application. A similar
discussion seems to be happening on one of the DSpace lists.

Given the low numbers of people in Library Land who can write (Perl)
scripts, this could be a serious impediment to adoption.

In your opinions, what might be some resolutions or work-arounds to
this problem?

Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame