Hi Jeff,

I just took a look at the draft statement.  It's a good start, and I like
that you made it clear and simple.

Under Purpose:  In the first sentence, within the parentheses, you might
mention "systems librarians" or "library analysts".  I could not
legitimately call myself any of the three technologist types listed, yet the
journal will be very much for folks like me who carry c4lib info into other
parts of our institutions.  As well, technologists who sit on the MLS side
of the technology, rather than the code side, should be mentioned
specifically to demonstrate the educational objective discussed earlier,
since we seem to have agreed that an aim is to encourage those not on the
code side to do some learning.  Otherwise, as mentioned before, it's coders
talking only to coders.

Something that needs to be included somewhere is a statement about rights
management, authors' rights, copyright/left, etc., written by someone with a
good understanding of Creative Commons licensing.  (I'm not the right person
to ask, or I would do a draft myself.)

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> In an
> attempt to create a "node" for formal publication, I've put
> together the first draft of a formal statement of purpose,
> format, and editorial policies for a code4lib journal.  It's
> on the code4lib wiki: