OK, folks, it's time for a comment from the peanut gallery.  (Having had my
1st cuppa, I am brave.)

Last night I pulled the first 3 issues of JOLA (yeah, I go back that far)
from my shelf and took a look.  Back in the late '60s, JOLA was reproducing
images of Hollerith cards, tractor-feed print dumps, flowcharts, and
formulae to illustrate some pretty detailed articles about really tech-y
stuff pertaining to the mainframe environment in libraries.  Compared to
today's ITAL, the early JOLA was deeper into the guts of library code

You are proposing to go back to that.  I say, Yes!  I like the idea of this
being within the code4lib site, I like Art's idea re commenting, I like the
idea of more formal sprinkled with shorter and faster.  The topics are what
you all have been cranking out anyway, but they will change as things move
forward.  Hey, you created a conference out of thin air; you can do this,
and invent a new journal type in the process.  (Don't forget the ISSN,

Although I may not know half the time what you're talking about, I scramble
to keep up and enjoy every minute of it.  I don't code, but perhaps I might
speak for the lurking audience here that doesn't code.  Incrementally, we
learn every time one of you posts a new idea, or points in a different
direction.  We don't sit on and participate in the edge, where you are; but
we are very close, and watch intently.  And, we feed this stuff back into
our own organizations to illuminate possibilities.

Go for it!  You have readership.

Donna Dinberg
Systems Librarian/Analyst
Reference and Genealogy Division
Library and Archives Canada
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