K.G. Schneider wrote:

>You could use blogging software to deliver it, but make sure it has peer
>review, an ISSN, and a professional appearance.

>Frankly, my concern (I hear the tape drives whirring faster as I think about
>this) is that you have rushed out of the gate of a conference with great
>enthusiasm and then something will happen and the journal will not happen.
>You might consider, instead of attempting a regular publication, the online
>version of a conference monograph, with everyone tackling specific topics
>and the target date to be... let's see, a few weeks prior to Access. Two
>publications a year might be reasonable. Or, new-tyme-style, perhaps one
>great article a month, leading up to the Northern version of the conference.
Why does it have to follow /any/ traditional publishing model?

I sort of like the idea that maybe 3 articles come out in a week, then
nothing for a week or two, then another article comes out, and then one
comes out every day for a 13 day span.

If the delivery method is purely electronic, and it's a given that the
intended audience would have tools to be alerted of new articles, why
bother with a formal schedule?