Art Rhyno wrote:

>I guess I am looking for more recipe sharing, comments in the margins, and
>whiteboarding, I wouldn't want to break or detract from anything that is
>working now. All of this happens virtually at some level, but there's
>still some impedance when compared to lightning talks and physical
>gatherings, and sadly, there's a limit to how many conference events can
>be mounted.
I spoke with some of you at the restaurant Thursday night during the
conference briefly about a code sharing site for code4libbers.  The
OSS4Lib site is a great resource for libraries considering the world of
open source; however, I think much like the CPAN or PEAR code
repositories, a code4lib repository would act as a great place for us to
"whiteboard" and share code much like Art mentions above.  A place to
not share full blown applications, but a place to post our hacks and
code libraries that we have written.

As a member of the PEAR development community, I know that the web
application that runs this is open-source and has ties to CVS for code
management, Bug tracking much like bugzilla, and most importantly, a
place to write documentation for each code snippet.  I'm not necessarily
advocating for an implementation of the PEAR web application, but it's
concept for the Code4Lib website.  Maybe even a DSpace implementation
would work?  Even a CVS or Subversion repository at it's simplest would

Would the maintainers of the Code4Lib website be willing to
support/implement such an application?

Thanks, I really enjoyed the conference.