Thanks Jeff for summarizing all the great ideas so well. It's pretty
overwhelming and inspiring to see this groundswell of interest in
working together as a community. I blame jaf.

If you don't feel like reading this whole email the rest can
basically be summarized as saying is available for this
journal experiment. We can put additional drupal modules, other
software on there too if it would help.

-- continue at your own risk --

At code4libcon Casey Bisson indicated that he would like to export
the content in into In a lot of
ways I think that libdev and /usr/lib/info could serve as good models
for what kind of content could be present in a code4lib
journal...well in addition to all the great stuff that Art and Roy
already floated.

So far things have been happening on the site in an
adhoc way. Different people like Roy, Dan, Art, Jeremy have just
decided to suggest certain things or to do them. It would be neat if
it could continue to evolve this way. At the moment there are 4
people who have access to the machine and the drupal footprint. There
are lots of administrators who can modify the content via the admin
screens. If you'd like admin access please email me, or respond on
the list here, or drop into IRC.

I've been confused about how the site should be used
post-conference, and this 'new kind of journal' idea sounds like a
great experiment. How about we start posting content (as Dan has
already) and see what happens? As far as I'm concerned
is fair game for whatever we want to try out. The machine that is running on is an experiment in itself since it was
started by Kevin Clarke and Clay Redding as a communal machine for
library technologists to share. If you are interested in
participating I think there is room.

It's been nice to see this thread in public...since oftentimes
discussion happens in real time in IRC (which isn't publicly logged--
yet). I think Colleen is right to point out the dangers of having a
'core group'. But I would argue that the core group is really a
mirage, and that up until now it has simply been people who've
decided to participate (for better or for worse) in #code4lib.