In addition to a proposal to start a journal around code4lib,  there has 
also been talk about "code4lib as a school" (something that I heard Dan 
Chudnov bring up at the conference).  A lot of interest has been 
expressed in finding further mechanisms for members of the code4lib 
community to learn from and to teach each other.  Such teaching/learning 
activities may extend beyond the immediate code4lib community.  A model 
that was brought up at the conference was the workshop, specifically a 
multi-day workshop in which attendees can dive deeply into a topic.  
(e.g., Rob Sanderson teaching a workshop on to use cluster computing for 
text mining) 

I would like to start a conversation around the notion of "code4lib as a 
school."  There are a lot of directions such a conversation can go -- so 
in an attempt to guide it, I'll pose some questions:

   * Do you perceive a need for mechanisms beyond what we already have 
for the code4lib community for learning/teaching each other or those 
outside the community?

   * What mechanisms might we employ?  The workshop model came to many 
people's minds.  What do you think of the workshop model?  What other 
mechanisms might work?

   * What specifically would you like to learn from this community?  
What would you like to teach?   Who would you like to teach a 
course/lead a workshop and on what topics?

   * What are organizational frameworks we can already work within to 
make "code4lib as a school" as bureaucratically lightweight as possible 
w/o too many downsides?

I'll kick off this thread and see where it goes.

-Raymond Yee

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