Hi all,

Probably not the best forum for this, but I was preparing
some stuff for the conference this week and it dawned on me
I was assuming I'd pick up any registration materials at the
conference.  But looking at the scheduling info doesn't
really seem to indicate any time to pick the material up or
place to do so.....

I'm hoping it's just before the conference starts.  I'm a
little nervous it was supposed to be sent or something.  (Or
that there was a mistake in the registration.)  If there was
any info at the end of the process I told this.  (A fund
covered part of the conference costs including registration
so the person in charge of the fund had to put in the
financials and do the registration form).

Anyone have an idea of what's going on?   Hopefully I
haven't made myself look silly by overlooking something.
(Well, I'm really hoping that I actually am registered for
the conference.  I meant to double-check it last week but
forgot.  Guess I'll be calling Monday).

Don't know if this is the best forum for this but I figure
at least a few of you will be attending code4lib ;).

Jon Gorman