On Feb 22, 2006, at 8:03 AM, Dinberg Donna wrote:

> Last night I pulled the first 3 issues of JOLA (yeah, I go back
> that far)
> from my shelf and took a look.  Back in the late '60s, JOLA was
> reproducing
> images of Hollerith cards, tractor-feed print dumps, flowcharts, and
> formulae to illustrate some pretty detailed articles about really
> tech-y
> stuff pertaining to the mainframe environment in libraries.
> Compared to
> today's ITAL, the early JOLA was deeper into the guts of library code
> development.
> You are proposing to go back to that?  I say, Yes!

Me too.

I am looking for code snippets, hacks, Javascript widgets & gadgets,
etc. I believe the inclusion of these sorts of things will set this
journal off from the others. Think of writing code as a sort of
poetry, and this journal is a poetry journal.  ;-)

Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame