This is also the approach taken by the BioMed Central journals


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Ross unleashed:

> Why does it have to follow /any/ traditional publishing model?
> I sort of like the idea that maybe 3 articles come out in a week, then

> nothing for a week or two, then another article comes out, and then
> one comes out every day for a 13 day span.
> If the delivery method is purely electronic, and it's a given that the

> intended audience would have tools to be alerted of new articles, why
> bother with a formal schedule?
> -Ross.

While I was at the University of Arizona, we produced the Journal of
Insect Science ( (now at the University of
While this is a peer reviewed journal, it took the approach not to
produce actual "issues", but to publish articles once they successfully
vetted through the peer review process. For preservation and posterity,
at the end of each year we would print out all of the articles and have
them hard bound.

The point is, Ross' suggestion is a good one, and I give it a hearty +1

-- jaf

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