Kevin -

Jon Udell just did this exact thing in his column
for Infoworld - Lorcan Dempsey has a good
selection of pointers to sample code here:

I think it's a cut+paste operation to fit the pieces
back together again, but I haven't done it myself
yet for Ann Arbor.


On 2/1/06, kevin smith <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hello,
> As I have stated before, I am not a coder, so if this is an
> inappropriate question for me to ask the list, please let me know. I
> have modified the SPL amazon linky to work with my library.  I would
> like to incorporate a search of all related ISBNs using the OCLC XISBN
> tool.  What I would like to happen is that if a search for the ISBN
> returns the notFound variable, a search would be done for
> + ISBN, a second search would then be done
> with all of those ISBNS and if any were found, It would display "Other
> editions available at the Cass District Library"
> I know that I can use the same URL pattern for multiple ISBNs as I do
> for a single ISBN.
> I suspect that this isn't very hard to do, but I am not a coder.  If a
> kind soul would like to help me, I would be very appreciative.  The
> code that I have now can be found at
> Thanks,
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