The JISC Digital Repositories Programme (DRP) 

JISC in the United Kingdom has a coordinating and development effort
centered on digital repositories, which examines range of technical,
evaluation, administration, social, business, and policy issues
surrounding their development.  More information can be found at: 

In particular, I would like to point you to a Wiki that they run and
within that a brief but useful list of frequently asked questions on
digital repositories and related issues with the following contents: 

1 Are there any lists, directories or registries of digital repositories
in the UK, or worldwide? 

2 Where can I find metadata mappings and crosswalks for difference
metadata standards? 

3 How to facilitate Google crawling 

4 Can you provide any advice about unique identifiers for teaching,
learning and research materials? 

5 Can you recommend workflow mapping software?  

The last item is particularly informative as a quick summary of software
choices that will help you express a workflow -- something we need to do
more and more in our various projects and programs.