If you switch to position: relative in that div that you have your whole
page set inside, you should be able to print.  if you want to keep
everything as is, you'd have to define that div in your main stylesheet,
i suppose, and differently in your print.css.  you might want to rethink
sticking everything in this div; you could presumably style it using the
body tag like this:

body {
        margin: 0;
        padding: 0;
        width: 760px;

you might also want to bid adieu to the tables, if you're doing a
redesign anyway.


Iglesias, Edward G. (Library) wrote:
> Thanks for your help.  Unfortunately I think the problem is a bit deeper
> than I first thought.  I wrapped the php in
> <p class="php">
> tags and set
> p.php
> {display:none}
> On the linked stylesheet.   While the php element disappears in print
> view the problem still occurs.  Part of the issue is that the php is
> already removed once it is displayed as html. I am at something of a
> loss.
> Edward Iglesias
> Systems Librarian
> Central Connecticut State University
> 860.832.2082
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>> Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] php printing issue
>> Edward,
>> You can call another CSS for printing, if you so desire, and
>> set the PHP elements to display:  none;.
>> You would have something like this:
>> <link href="/css/print_style.css" rel="stylesheet" media="print"
>> type="text/css">
>> in the <head> tag.
>> Good luck,
>> -Ross.
>> On 3/3/06, Iglesias, Edward G. (Library)
>> <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> Greetings All,
>>> I have been noticing a problem with the printing of some of our web
>>> pages.  Specifically, if you look at it in print preview or try to
>>> print in Firefox only the first page shows up.
>>> Example
>>> The problem seems to lie in the "breadcrumb" php script.
>> Once it is
>>> removed the pages prints correctly.  At first I thought
>> this would be
>>> a simple fix with CSS.  Unfortunately I can't seem to come
>> up with a
>>> way of stripping out the php when printing is invoked short of
>>> creating another page.  Do any of you know of a quick way to do the
>>> equivalent of
>>> span.footer
>>> { display:none;
>>> }
>>> only taking out everything in the <?php>...<?> tags?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Edward Iglesias
>>> Systems Librarian
>>> Central Connecticut State University
>>> 860.832.2082