Have you played with the Perl-based delicious API, and if so, then
how have you used it?

The Perl module Net::Delicious initially seems to work pretty well.
The following code will repeatedly return your set of Delicious posts
to STDOUT, as long as you delete the cache Net::Delicious creates in
your home directory:

   use Net::Delicious;
   use constant USER => 'foo';
   use constant PASS => 'bar';
   my $delicious = Net::Delicious->new({ user => USER, pswd => PASS});
   foreach my $post ($delicious->all_posts) {
          print $post->description . "\n";
          print "\t", $post->tags . "\n";
          print "\t", $post->href . "\n";
          print "\n";

I could incorporate Net::Delicious to a MyLibrary sort of
application. I could allow people to tag items and post them to, but I would either have to save their
password (ick) or have them enter it every time they do a post.

What other sort of ways could I exploit Net::Delicious in Library Land?

Eric Lease Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame