On 24 Mar 2006, at 16:47, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:

> I have drafted an essay called All Things Open where I outline open
> source software, OAI, OpenURL, and open access publishing....
> I'm looking for a bit of peer-review. Questions, comments,
> clarifications, corrections, or criticisms are welcome on- or off-
> line.

I've been wanting to try out some web-based annotation tools for use
in peer-review and collaboration, so I've installed a copy of Geof
Glass' very cool Marginalia and imported this essay into it (I hope
that's alright with you Eric). You'll find the page here: http:// - please feel free to add and
edit annnotations at will (though please don't delete other people's
annotations that might be useful). There's also a test page that
doesn't store annotations, with some instructions: http://

It's very basic at the moment, as there's no user control so anyone
can deface the annotations. What I'd like to see eventually is a wiki-
like editing interface for the main content (with the ability to fork
off new versions) and non-anonymous annotations, as well as voting by
reviewers (+1, -1, abstain) on whether to accept an article for