Hi Johnathan,

I am currently using tagging here:

We have a "news"/blog system we use to publish content (custom built).  I
added tagging to it as a test.  So far the staff like it.  We are now
organizing a lot of our documents using tags.

I plan on using tagging more often because it gives me a way to link data
together very easily.  On different parts of the site I'd like to aggregate
data from a couple of our own sources as well as possibly remote sources
(mashup style).

The code is all ASP.NET with MySQL at the back end.  I am testing a tag
design right now that uses MySQL fulltext, but I may change that.  As it
works now I have a text field called tags for each news post.  I also have a
tag index table that stores all the tags and how many times they are used.
Each time an item is added the tags are sorted and the code determines if
its a new tag or if it just needs to update the count for an existing tag.
Likewise when something is removed, the tag count is decreased


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>I would love to implement tagging for my consortial catalog, but we're not
>quite there yet.  I have begun to use tagging in other ways and I think it
>is great; especially if you want to do a "mashup" or aggregate data from
>multiple sources based on a tag.

Could you post more about the other great ways you have begun to use
tagging, if you're willing?


>I imagine some people see tagging as some trendy fad; maybe it is, but I
>think it should be taken very seriously and people should really consider
>implementing it.  There are lots of discussions out there about storing tag
>data and formulas for generating tag clouds.
>--this message is a little late in the conversation.  Eric had to hook me
>with the ability to post since I was trying to post from a diff address
>I registered with.
>Chris Deweese
>Internet Applications Developer
>Lewis & Clark Library System
>425 Goshen Road, Edwardsville IL 62025
>618-656-3216 x130
>AIM: ChrisDeweese25
>Illinois Library Systems - 40 Years of Excellence
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>On Mar 8, 2006, at 2:29 PM, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
>>  I'm wondering, to what degree does this group here think tagging
>>  would be beneficial in Library Land? For example, we could allow
>>  tagging to be done against items in a library catalog or against a
>>  personalized collection of Internet resources. If it were
>>  beneficial, then how would y'all implement it?
>Based on the responses, it sounds as if our small community believes
>there are benefits to tagging, especially if the tags are not
>necessarily anonymous. I will think about this some more, play with
> some more, and consider incorporating this feature into
>MyLibrary. Hmmm...
>Eric "Off To Ann Arbor To Attend Cool Symposium" Morgan