This Friday, March 17, we will be holding a vote to select a name for
the code4lib journal.  Here's how it's going to work:

- The names that will appear on the ballot are listed on the code4lib
site at .  If you want to add a name to
the ballot, you can do so by going to the URL above and clicking the
"edit" tab to edit the existing list (you won't see the tab unless
you're logged in).  The deadline for adding a name to the ballot is
4:00pm Pacific time this Thursday, March 16.

- Instructions on how to vote will be posted on once the
deadline for names has passed.  Voting will take place online using a
bookmarklet that you'll have to add to your browser.  You will have an
unlimited number of votes, but you can only vote for any particular name
once -- you can't cast 20 votes for your favorite name.  You'll need to
login to prior to voting; among other things, that means
that we'll know which name(s) you voted for. :)

- The voting period will end at 4:00pm Pacific time on Friday.

I'll post another message to this list when the polls open.  In the
meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, or if you're having
trouble adding your brilliant journal name suggestion to the list, let
me know.

Jeff Davis
Public Services Librarian
University of Alberta Libraries
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IM screen name: jd4v15 (MSN, AIM, Yahoo)