Maybe this will help.  Here are some pointers to an updated set of files
(still far from ready for prime-time, but at least the Japanese record
displays).  The two .xml test file URLs seem to work, at least in IE. the
compressed tarball of the following files: the XSL file the CSS file Simple test
file Test for
880 fields

I rearranged the XSL to accommodate bringing in the linked vernacular
880 fields as needed.  This pushes some of the formatting selection into
the CSS file by just generating CSS classes based on the MARC field tag.


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On 3/28/06, Hickey,Thom <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I've attached a compressed tar file of compact.xsl, compact.css and
> mudlumps.xml, a test record.  After you've extracted the files to a
> directory you should be able to view mudlumps.xml with a browser and
> the results.

I'd like to have a look and help out, but could you post it non-tar'ed
and possibly non-zip'ed? My gmail is barfing, and WinZip coughs and
splutters. :)

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