As I'm mostly addressing "library geeks" here, I'm seeking advice on
something that's slightly on the side of code; has anybody rubbed
against "the way we do things around here" in terms of coding
(languages, methods, test-cases), design (modelling, structure,
prototyping), management (PM, people management, development
methodology, reporting) and more? I'm at a lose end here and slowly
sinking into depression; I've been promoting user-centred design,
usability, information architecture, webservices and SOA, flexible
development methodologies (extreme-ish stuff, not the whole shebang),
short release-cycles, better testing frameworks, better design,
flexible data modelling, more XML, more standards, etc. I've got more
than 15 years as a professional in IT, and only joined the library
world 2 years ago. It has proven to be a huge struggle, and I don't
feel personal gratification or growth here, nor do I feel that my work
wants me to grow here either.

I'm willing to accept blame for not being clear enough, or promoting
enough, or flexible enough, or likeable enough, or any other human
fault we can attach to the problem, but I've never ever had these kind
of struggles before in my whole career. Is this an insulated incident
and I should just be on my merry way, or should I fight it, because,
after all, I truly believe in what the potential of the library has

Any clues? Any suggestions? Any similar experiences? All is welcome.

"Ultimately, all things are known because you want to believe you know."
                                                         - Frank Herbert
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