On 3/8/06, Alexander Johannesen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I've never ever had these kind of struggles before in my whole career.

Lucky you! I've had similar problems in non-library settings, so I
don't think that the library community is any worse at following
software best practices than other communities. If they were then
there wouldn't be such an appetite for the wisdom you find in Joel on
Software, Paul Graham, et al.

> Is this an insulated incident and I should just be on my merry way, or
> should I fight it, because, after all, I truly believe in what the potential
> of the library has got!?

I'm not sure griping in public like this will help much...but I've
done lots worse so who am I to say :-) I do think that you can find a
more progressive library environment to work in if that is the
problem. Like just yesterday Jeremy Frumkin at OSU was asking about
unittesting in #code4lib... There are smart library developers out
there. This list and the irc channel are testament to that.

In my experience I've found that people react best to seeing how a new
development process, pattern or technology helps *in practice* rather
than *in theory*. So if you have enough leeway I would try to leverage
some (maybe not all, heh) your ideas in a project and show people how
it "makes things better" (tm). Perhaps you have done this already and
people aren't responsive. So long as they let you do it that's ok then
right? If it makes you happy, etc....

But everyone likes recognition for good work--I'm sorry it sounds like
you aren't getting that support.  Good luck--and try to focus on one
thing at a time...says ADD man.