On 3/8/06, Alexander Johannesen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I don't
> feel personal gratification or growth here, nor do I feel that my work
> wants me to grow here either.

For me, that would be my answer.  My work is the way I pay the bills,
but it is also something that I enjoy and that I want to grow
through/with.  If I'm not contributing to my environment then I must
be in the wrong place (for me at least).  If I felt what you say you
do, I'd ask myself whether I think this feeling is likely to change
sometime in the future. If not, well...

> Is this an insulated incident
> and I should just be on my merry way, or should I fight it, because,
> after all, I truly believe in what the potential of the library has
> got!?

You can believe in "the library" and still be working in a particular
library that may not be a good match for you (I know nothing about
your particular situation or library).  I'd agree with Ed that not all
libraries are one way just like not all corporate environments are
another.  It's all about finding one that matches who you are/what you
want to accomplish professionally.

That's my opinion anyway... not sure this has anything to do with code.