Voting for the Code4Lib journal name is now open.  Go to and follow the instructions.  Note that you will need to login to the site to be able to vote.  If you don't have an account on, you can create one at

You can vote anytime before 4:00 Pacific time today (Friday, March 17).  If you encounter difficulties, let me know via email or visit the #code4lib IRC channel.

The following names are on the ballot.  You can vote for as many names as you want, but can only vote once for any one name.

    * Code4Lib Journal
    * Code For Libraries
    * Computer Programming Journal for Libraries
    * /dev/lib/journal
    * /lib/coders/journal
    * Z666
    * Journal of Technical Bibliotechetry
    * Bibliotechetry
    * BiblioTechTonics
    * Temporarily Modern
    * ZJournal
    * Hands-On Journal of Library Tech
    * One Big Library
    * make install;
    * Access Points
    * Robot Monkey
    * Library Hacks
    * Libraries Unleashed
    * README
    * Indexed: The Library Coder's Quarterly
    * Libraries++
    * while(code4lib==true)
    * while(library.usesCode()==true)
    * /lib/dev: A Journal for Library Programmers
    * Unleashed Library
    * Panizzi's Children
    * Dewey's Laboratory
    * Library Laboratory
    * The Code4Libber
    * Code4Codices
    * Codex Librarius
    * C4L
    * LibInfoTech

Jeff Davis
Public Services Librarian
University of Alberta Libraries
Edmonton, Alberta
IM: j4dv15 (MSN, AIM, Yahoo)