In August 2005, many of you participated in a survey designed by the DLF 
Aquifer Services Working Group, designed to gather baseline information 
about digital collections and their use in DLF member libraries. The 
Services Working Group has completed an analysis of the survey results. 
Their findings are documented in the attached report.

The Services Working Group has taken survey results into account when 
setting priorities for service development for DLF Aquifer. In particular, 
service gaps and current efforts are useful in evaluating what to 
emphasize. Barriers to development suggest that leveraging development 
through collaboration could help address resource shortages reported by 
most respondents.

On behalf of the DLF Aquifer initiative and the Services Working Group, I 
invite your comments to me or to this list. Following a brief comment 
period, I will post the report on the DLF Aquifer web page.

The Metadata Working Group will report the results of the metadata survey 
that was done at the same time as the services survey when they have 
wrapped up the current round of modifications to the DLF MODS 
Implementation Guidelines based on the feedback they received during the 
comment period.


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