METS Implementors' Meeting (MIM2006) is being planned for June 15, 2006,
in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  It will be organized as a JCDL 2006

The meeting will be an opportunity for the community that is using METS
to meet and talk about how they have implemented METS systems, share
profiles for METS XML Documents, and organize to work on the future
development of METS as a standard.

If you think you might be interested in attending a METS Implementors'
Meeting, please help the METS Editorial Board plan the even by spending
a few minutes responding to the call for interest survey.

METS Implementors' Meeting Call for Interest

Registration information will be available soon on the JCDL 2006

JCDL 2006

METS web site

-- Brian Tingle
   Content Technology Liaison
   California Digital Library, Advanced Technologies Group