I will be facilitating a half-day tutorial on open source software
and XML at the upcoming Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL),
and I thought some people here might want to attend. JCDL has the
reputation for being a quality conference, and Chapel Hill (North
Carolina) is a nice place to visit.

        Tutorial 11: Exploiting open source tools to create, maintain,
   and disseminate XML content

        XML is quickly becoming the means of marking up data for the
   purposes of transmitting information from one computer to
   another. While XML can be created by hand, the process is tedious
   and not necessarily scalable. Software systems can address this
   problem, and this tutorial enumerates, describes, and
   demonstrates ways open source software can be used to create,
   maintain, and disseminate XML. The goal of this tutorial is to
   increase participants' knowledge of these tools and to
   demonstrate how to take advantage of them in everyday digital
   library work and software development.

   Target Audience
        Software engineers and librarians/intermediate

        Eric Lease Morgan is the Head of the Digital Access and
   Information Architecture Department at the University Libraries
   of Notre Dame. He considers himself to be a librarian first and a
   computer user second. His professional goal is to discover new
   ways to use computers to provide better library service. Some of
   his more well-known investigations and implementations include
   MyLibrary and the Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts. An advocate
   for open source software and open access publishing, Morgan has
   been freely distributing his software and publications for years
   before the terms "open source" and "open access" were coined.
   Morgan also hosts his own Internet domain,

Eric Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame