Here at OCLC we're ranking based on the holdings of all the records in
the retrieved work set.  Seems to work pretty well.


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Hello all,

Here's a question for anyone who has been thinking about or working with
FRBR for creating record groupings for display.  (Perhaps others have
already discussed or addressed which case I'd be happy to have
a pointer to resources that are already out there.)

In a retrieval environment that presents ranked results (ranked by
record content, optionally boosted by circulation and/or holdings), how
could/should FRBR-like record groupings be factored into ranking?
Several approaches have been discussed here:
 - Rank the results using the score from the highest-scoring record in a
 - Use the sum of scores of documents in a group (this seems to me to
place too much weight on the group)
 - Use the log of the sum of the scores of documents in a group

I'd be very interested in knowing whether others have already been
thinking about this....


--Colleen Whitney