Hi Ed,

Koha ( uses MARC authority records. You can demo
the authority headings search on LibLime's OPAC demo:

What we're lacking is a really good MARC21 Authorities Records (the
example you see above was generated from the data in that database
rather than from an external authorities file). I've looked into
purchasing authorities from the LOC but it's pretty expensive. If
you have access to a good set of authorities and would like to
test the capabilities of the system using them, let me know.


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On Thu, May 25, 2006 at 09:53:09AM -0400, Edward Corrado wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have been asked to set up an Open Source ILS for someone who is
> teaching a cataloging class this summer. One of the things she was
> hoping to be able to do with it is have students work with MARC
> Authority records. I can't find any evidence that any of the currently
> available [1] Open ILS systems use MARC Authority records [2]. Does
> anyone know of one that does? Maybe I'm missing something.
> Ed C.
> [1] A 2002 article in Information Today
> ( mentions
> that the LearningAccess ILS uses MARC Authority records, but I went to
> there website and didn't see any evidence that this product was still an
> Open Source program (and also I didn't see no way to download it). I
> will probably contact them separately if I can't find another system to use.
> [2] It appears that Evergreen will use MARC Authority records, but the
> wiki says "authority control in marc editor" is still on the to-do
> list*"****
> *