Re: ISBN going to 13 characters
Anyone willing to share a (preferably) perl 13 to 10 character
and a 10 to 13 character conversion routine?
Or point me to one?

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Plucene is (was?) a Perl port for Lucene.  Scuttlebutt has it that
it's really, really slow.

KinoSearch is also a Perl port for Lucene (although not as strict and,
apparently, much faster).  The developer of KinoSearch and the
developer of Ferret (the Lucene port for Ruby) are teaming with one of
the developers of Lucene to make Lucy (which is a 'shared core' for
Lucene) which would then make it easier to write interoperable code
between these languages (at least, I presume that's the goal).

Pylucene seems to be left out of the party (I guess because instead of
being a port -- it's actually the Java classes used by Python?  Is
that right?).

I'm not sure where stemming comes in (does Lucene do this?), it seems
faceted browsing could be handled by something like Carrot2.  Rumor
has it Solr has faceting support somewhere, as well.  At least,
according to the 9s project.


On 5/30/06, K.G. Schneider <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > There is nothing wrong with Lucene. In fact, Lucene seems to be
> > becoming the indexer of choice. I just do not have the abilities to
> > write things in Java.
> Ah--I read your document as referencing Lucene, but you actually wrote
> *Plucene.*
> Karen S.