Jonathan Gorman wrote:

> So every fourth (and A) issue would be a "code4lib journal", "/lib/dev/"
> and "Indexed" series issue, while those with articles containing the word
> "Regex" would be also be in the "Possibly Perl Series" which will be
> incremented according to the m . (n . i) where n is the previous number of
> i in the last of the series and m is the phase of the moon.

Don't forget the German journal that was, coincidentally, founding in 1901,
so the volume number was exactly the same as the two-digit year number.
After publication was resumed after break during the mid-40s, they skipped
the journal numbers that hadn't been published to maintain the
correspondence between the year and the volume.

Those wacky Germans!

David J. Fiander
Digital Services Librarian