The latest from our colleagues at JISC in the UK -- a new document
discussing the future of academic repositories.



Digital Repositories Roadmap: Looking Forward

JISC has funded a Digital Repositories Roadmap document to present a
vision for 2010. This has been undertaken by Rachel Heery from UKOLN and
Andy Powell from the Eduserve Foundation. This is a discussion document
that provides context for project and programme work.
It is available from:
The vision is one where there is a rich scholarly communications and
learning environment that is supported by an extensive network of
repositories, where content is widely available and re-used. The
repositories will allow sharing, collaboration, a record of activity and
so on and will be enhanced by value added services that support
manipulation, interlinking and personalisation among other things. The
Digital Repositories Roadmap concludes that it is cultural and policy
issues that lie at the heart of achieving success for a digital
repository network for learning and research.