We're hiring! We have a newly opened position for a  Sr. Software
Engineer- Software and Service Development here in our Bloomfield,
New Jersey office, located ten miles west of the Empire State

In addition to the on-line application form, you can send resumes by
e-mail to [log in to unmask] .

Among the projects that the person we hire will be involved with are
xISBN and xISSN. Perhaps I should take this opportunity to share a
bit about our plans for these services. As Thom Hickey has mentioned
on this list, xISBN has been a project from OCLC Office of Research,
but it has been made available as an as-is service with no
guarantees, no support, and is only infrequently updated.
Nonetheless, I think most will agree that it has proven to be very
useful and merits a more permanent home.

The Openly Informatics of OCLC division will be taking on
maintenance, support and development for this service. The
free-access version of the service WILL continue; for-fee versions of
the service will add enhanced responses and service-level guarantees.
The current API will be supported.

Best of all, there will be new services on the way. You should be
seeing xISSN making an appearance pretty soon- send me e-mail if you
have particular requests relating to xISSN (or xISBN for that matter).


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Informatics Division
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