> On the other hand we are a bunch o' hackers, and there is
> more to this thing (whatever it is called) than code. We need
> the perspective of catalogers, reference types,
> administrators, vendors, etc. Thus, the idea for creating a new list.

Eric, some of these folks are already here and listening.

I'm not a hacker (maybe in the next life ...), but am a former cataloguer
and  reference techie with current responsibility for monitoring a broad
range of innovative discussions, including this forum; and we all know there
are vendor types on code4lib, as well.  I imagine there are, in fact, enough
non-coder folks here to pipe up if things start down a not-so-functional
path or a path with which we might take issue.

Also, I'm sure those of us here who don't code are raising code4lib points
of discussion in our own workplaces and, as needed, bringing those comments
back here.

So, for me, "here" is just fine.  (And I also don't want yet another list!)


Donna Dinberg
Systems Librarian/Analyst
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