On Tue, 6 Jun 2006, Michael J. Giarlo wrote:

> On 6/5/06, Alexander Johannesen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Oh, this one is easy to answer; we need to get away from MARC. No, not
>> the content of MARC, nor the idea of it, nor necessarily even the MARC
>> format and standard itself, but we need to get away from "we need
>> MARC" and the idea that knowledge sharing in libraries are best done
>> through MARC and that Z39.50 must be part of our requirements.
> Lib Tek: The Next Generation -- The Wrath of MARC.

Is it too geeky to point out that The Warth of MARC would be more properly
associated with Lib Tek, the original?

You'd need something like

Lib Tek: The Next Generation -- MARC-Nemsis

(If we allow adaptation of episode titles maybe something like MARC-pid.
Thanks to Wikipedia for being an ever useful source of pop culture.)

Jon Gorman