I can't speak to the Perl module aspect, but tidy itself has a switch that
tries to do that:

  -asxhtml          convert HTML to well formed XHTML

But it won't do such things as dump tables used only for formatting purposes
and generate an appropriate stylesheet, so the output will not necessarily
comply with XHTML Strict, but it would likely be able to be validated as
XHTML Transitional. I've used tidy quite a bit in the past to help cleanup
legacy web pages.

On 6/6/06 1:23 PM, "Eric Lease Morgan" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Is there a cool Tidy (Perl) module that will convert (force) dirty
> HTML documents into XHTML documents? I took a look at CPAN but I
> wasn't sure which one(s) do the job.
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> Eric "()()()()()" Morgan