On 6/7/06, Ross Singer <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> That by trotting out their Endeca powered catalog, they've finally
> gotten the tangible that we nerds have been unable to get
> institutional support for.  Now every librarian in the country wants
> clustering and faceted search.

Sorry, I'm in the wrong country. :) In fact, that event as much as it
triggered peoples hearts and minds, it never shook the foundation of
the OPAC in this place.

> But this time last year, I defy you to tell me that you could have
> trotted out a project like that to anybody outside the systems office
> (that wasn't already labelled a 'systems apologist').

Possibly not. Hmm. No, not with the OPAC, but other systems. I think
libraries have put too much faith in vendors who create crappy systems
and continues to do so. If vendors want libraries to buy their stuff,
they need to make sure they've got good stuff; it's getting easier and
easier to do these things ourselves.

"Ultimately, all things are known because you want to believe you know."
                                                         - Frank Herbert
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