> I agree -- the term OPAC brings with it a whole set of last-generation
> assumptions.  It strikes me as being like starting a list on new
> developments in Web technology called "Gopher 3.0" or something.
> Also, NGO is traditionally used to describe Non-Governmental
> Organizations like the Red Cross, Amnesty International, etc.  Probably
> more people are familiar with the acronym NGO than with OPAC.
> --Casey

As a word person, I keep circling back to the word "catalog," because...

* It's not an acronym-particularly not an acronym that makes my skin crawl;
it's nice plain English

* It is broad enough to refer to all the functions a catalog might include:
user interface (which is what OPAC refers to), commerce, inventory,
reporting, data management...

Just a thought.

Karen S.