OCLC joins LOCKSS Alliance

*DUBLIN, Ohio, USA, 22 June 2006*OCLC has joined more than 90 libraries
from around the world that participate in the LOCKSS (Lots of Copies
Keep Stuff Safe) Alliance, a library membership consortium and active
user community that provides open-source archiving software as a means
to build digital collections.

OCLC joins LOCKSS in support of its collaborative effort to explore new
uses of the LOCKSS technology to benefit the community and to build new
capabilities for digital preservation. OCLC will work collaboratively
with LOCKSS to explore the expansion of the LOCKSS technology to operate
with different types of digital content.

"OCLC is proud to join the LOCKSS Alliance," said Phyllis Spies, OCLC
Vice President of Collection Management Services. "The distributed
technical infrastructure and community governance of LOCKSS enables
libraries to take custody of and preserve cultural and social assets for
future generations. LOCKSS is of growing interest to OCLC members
worldwide as they chart a course in collection development of digital

"This is a particularly appropriate time for enrollment in the LOCKSS
Alliance given the recent coming together of OCLC and RLG, two
organizations that have dedicated much work to digital preservation,"
Ms. Spies continued. "We look forward to exploring this shared model for
sustainability of digital assets."

Members of the LOCKSS Alliance are interested in participating in the
development and expansion of applications and services. Additionally,
the Alliance community will help determine long-term priorities and
strategies for digital preservation software and program evolution.

"OCLC's participation demonstrates and solidifies the sustainability of
the LOCKSS Alliance model for a community-based archival solution," said
Victoria Reich, Director of the LOCKSS Program, Stanford University
Libraries. "By accepting this leadership role, OCLC will foster broader
adoption of LOCKSS so librarians can cost-effectively build collections
and retain their libraries' essential role as  memory organizations."

LOCKSS' open-source software provides librarians a low-maintenance
mechanism for collecting, storing and long-term access to a library's
own local copy of authorized content. LOCKSS "boxes" at 157 institutions
in more than 20 countries comprise a peer-to-peer system that
automatically cross-checks content to ensure the accuracy and
completeness of all member archives. Eighty publishers are now
participating in LOCKSS or actively preparing to add their journals to
the program.

Founded and based at the Stanford University Libraries, the LOCKSS
Program is funded mainly by contributions from the member libraries of
the LOCKSS Alliance. It has received major funding in the past from the
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the National Science Foundation.

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