On 8/17/06, Kevin S. Clarke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I'm curious in finding out how many libraries out there are using or
> experimenting with native xml databases.

Asked here, answered here. :)

We've got a few eXist's lying about serving mostly experimental stuff,
although one is semi-experimental / quasi-production quality. We're
also drooling over the latest release of DB2 with native XML support
(I think it's good enough to count as native :), but that's just the
next step, I think.

> I'm also interested in learning of libraries who are using XQuery as a
> primary development language.

Primary? Over my dead body. :) Although do a search for "XqueryP"
(notice the 'P') for something that just might solve some of the
bigger issues I can think of with the proposition.

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