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The University of Michigan University Library seeks a Web Systems Manager.
The Web Systems Manager is responsible for coordinating a diverse set of
web-based technologies that comprise a large part in the University
Library's overall web environment. Provides direction for the development,
implementation and deployment of web-based technologies, and works with the
Web Content Manager and others to provide an optimal presentation of
web-based services to users. (45%)

The Web Systems Manager supervises the work of Web Systems programming staff
and provides coordination and support to the unit level Library webmasters,
including the design and delivery of appropriate training, in conjunction
with other staff as needed. In this role, provides maintenance and oversight
of shared resources and web tools (e.g., locally-developed software
libraries, etc.). (25%)

The Web Systems Manager holds responsibility for monitoring, identifying and
communicating innovations in uses of the web for the delivery of resources,
services and information. Participates in relevant conferences and meetings,
making presentations where appropriate. (15%)

Coordinates and tracks workflow, schedules, projects and committee
decisions. The Web Systems Manager works effectively with other campus web
architecture and service groups, including evolving portals and customized
tools. (15%)

* An ALA-accredited Master's degree in Library or Information Science; or an
equivalent combination of a relevant advanced degree and experience.
* Demonstrated ability to develop effective complex web sites.
* Demonstrated skills in project management, consensus building and problem
solving, as well as technical project leadership experience.
* Supervisory and project management skills.
* Solid understanding of the role and potential of technology for the design
and delivery of information resources and services.
* Experience in the provision of multiple services and resources in a
web-based environment.
* Knowledge of and experience with XML, XSLT and CSS and dynamically built
* Familiarity with programming languages, such as Perl, PHP, Java or C++
* Experience designing and implementing interactive databases, including
experience with SQL databases (e.g., MySQL)
* Facility with software tools used in building and assessing web resources
and services
(e.g. design, statistics, data gathering).
* Demonstrated ability to work effectively with culturally diverse

Information on how to apply for this position can be found at:

Perry Willett
Head, Digital Library Production Service
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University of Michigan
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1205
Ph: 734-764-8074
Fax: 734-647-6897
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