OCLC, the Library of Congress, and the Florida Center for Library Automation have been working together to organize the PREMIS editorial committee.  

Please see Sally McCallum's announcement (below) for further information, including the committee's membership.


The PREMIS Managing Agency, at the Library of Congress, in consultation with the other principal organizers in the development of the PREMIS Data Dictionary (OCLC, RLG, FCLA) is pleased to announce the membership of the PREMIS Editorial Committee.  The following individuals were selected for their expertise in the area of preservation metadata, their representation of a wide variety of interests, and their role in implementing PREMIS in their institutions. 

Rebecca Guenther (Library of Congress)
Priscilla Caplan (Florida Center for Library Automation) 
Brian Lavoie (OCLC) 
Steve Bordwell (National Archives of Scotland) 
Olaf Brandt (Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen) 
Gerard Clifton (National Library of Australia) 
Rory McLeod (British Library) 
Bill Leonard (Library and Archives Canada) 
Yaniv Levi (ExLibris) 
Zhiwu Xie (Los Alamos National Laboratories)

The structure and goals of the PREMIS maintenance activity are described in the following: 

Sally H. McCallum
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