Workshop on developing a services framework for libraries

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

The Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston, Massachusetts


During the past year, the DLF Services Framework Working Group (SFG) has
worked through a number of issues in trying to define a basis for
developing a services framework for libraries and digital libraries.
Throughout this process, it became clear to the working group members
that the framework must capture the business logic of what people do in
libraries and how users interact with libraries.  There is currently a
lack of documentation in this area, but it is critical to understand if
we are going to consider developing systems that are nimble and can
easily adapt to the changing library environments in which we live.


Borrowing from principles that have been developed in Business Process
Modeling (BPM) and in Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), the group
has developed a light-weight approach for beginning to capture the
business processes of the library and structuring them in a format that
allows discreet business functions to be identified.  These functions,
emerging from various business areas of the library, are key to
identifying activities that occur in multiple areas.  Using a service
oriented approach, it is then possible to look at a new way to develop
systems to meet library needs.  As stand-alone units of functionality
take shape and can be translated to software components, these
components can be developed once and reused many times, creating a
plug-and-play architecture where new or better software components can
be introduced without significant disruption.  


This workshop will provide an overview of the work of the group to date
and then focus on a hands-on approach to define various library/digital
library activities.  The workshop attendees will break into three small
groups to work through the business logic for three library areas:
Digitization, Storage of digital assets, and Discovery of digital
assets.  The output is expected to be a series of flow charts and a set
of decomposed business processes and functions that will be included in
the services framework.  These will provide a basis for further systems
analysis in the future as a SOA-based approach to library automated
services is considered. Workshop attendees are expected to have
experience with library IT management and/or technical development of
digital library projects.


The workshop is limited to 25 attendees and will be held on Tuesday, 7
November 2006 from 9am - 5pm, prior to the start of the DLF Fall Forum
on 8 November 2006.   Lunch will be provided.  Interested attendees
should register by 9 October at
Priority will be given to those at DLF member institutions and
individuals who are members of the SFG. For more information about the
SFG's work, participants are encouraged to read