Can someone here tell me about the feasibility of implementing a
particular Java application on a CD, described below.

For a good time I would like to distribute my Alex Catalogue of
Electronic Texts on an operating system independent CD. Here is how I
see it being implemented:

   1. Collect electronic texts
   2. Mark them up in TEI
   3. Transform them into HTML and/or PDF
   4. Create an author index in HTML
   5. Create a title index in HTML
   6. Use Lucene to index the texts
   7. Write a Java program to search
      the index and return hyperlinks
      to the texts
   8. Put the whole lot on a CD
   9. Give it away

With the exception of Step #7, I know the plan is implementable, but
how can I do Step #7?

This is what I want to do with Step #7. First I create an HTML form
looking something like this:

   <form action='' method='get'>
     <input type='text' name='query' />
     <input type='submit' />

When people click the submit button the contents of query get passed
to and executed. The search results are formatted into
HTML and returned to the browser for display.

Is such a program implementable? Can a program like get
input from a form like this without the need of an intermediate HTTP
server? Apparently Java applet technology will not work in this
environment because applets are not allowed to read from the local
file system.

Eric "Wishing I Was @ Access2006" Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame