So I guess you don't have a machine name Shawinigan then.

- David

On 27-Oct-06, at 09:08 , Walter Lewis wrote:

> David J. Fiander wrote:
>> Naming computers is always fun.  My main computer at home is always
>> "Golem", and if I ever had had the power to name a series of
>> computers, I was going to name them after famous Canadian maritime
>> disasters ("Erebus" and "Terror" were going to be the first two).
> My development machines have always been named after ships that have
> been named after something else, just to supply both a theme and an
> inside joke. A sad pathetic life perhaps, but there it is.  So I'm
> writing this on Bohemian, while testing some code on Corinthian, and
> pulling email from Assiniboia.
> That said, I've always *avoided* ship names associated with major
> collisions and fires.  So I'll leave Noronic, Hammonic, and
> Bavarian for
> David.  :)
>> RFC 1178 ( has some good
>> dos and don'ts for naming a computer, and is a pretty fun read too.
> That *has* to be the most interesting RFC it has ever been my pleasure
> to read
> Walter

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