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> Sent: 13 October, 2006 14:58
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> Subject: [CODE4LIB] open worldcat and cover images
> So open worldcat has cover images for lots of books.
> The idea occured to me of trying to use these cover images in
> my local catalog. I could use Amazon instead, but Amazon's
> licensing would require me to link to Amazon, and I'd rather
> be linking to open worldcat, if anywhere. [I could also pay a
> vendor lots of money for this same thing, of course]. So does
> anyone know:

> 1) If OCLC would allow such a thing. (I'm guessing they might
> not, sadly).

You would have to read the terms of service for Open WorldCat, but
I suspect that the answer is no due to the fact that OCLC licenses
the cover art from another organization.  For a definitive answer,
send an e-mail to OCLC.  The most they can say is no can do.

> 2) If open worldcat provides any XML/API to make this easier to do.

None that I'm aware of.