>So you are replacing SQL calls with WebDAV?  Can you explain this a bit


No, WebDAV is, among other things, an XML representation of a folder
structure, and we were using SQL to help build the XML needed for WebDAV
support, not replacing one with the other. Voyager stores normalized call
numbers in a table, and  SQL was used to pull out records before
transforming the results to the XML layout required. In Windows, WebDAV is
accessed as a "web folder", and the result was to expose the library
catalogue as a series of nested folders in call number order. My big
interest was to make the catalogue an extension of the desktop, and open
up the possibility of using desktop indexers for catalogue content. There
is more information in a submission Ross and I did for the Talis mashup

We were able to use caching to minimize the overhead of the SQL queries,
but a better method would be to work directly with MARC files since there
wouldn't be a Voyager dependency, and the approach would be open to any
system that can export the catalogue.