Kevin S. Clarke wrote:

> Have you had a chance yet to evaluate the 1.1 development line?  It is
> supposed to have solved the scaling issues.  I haven't tried it myself
> (and remain skeptical that it can scale up to the level that we talk
> about with Lucene (but, as you point out, it is trying to do more than
> Lucene too)).

I gave the 1.1 line a shot, but still saw abysmal results ... I sent
Wolfgang (the lead guy) my marcxml records and he implemented it in my
development environment and found the same issues.  The major problem
with it all is the ugly mess that is marcxml and it's "incompatability"
with native xml dbs.  Although, I still have some ideas that I have not
had a chance to test yet under the 1.1 branch.

I just finished coding our beta OPAC, so I am now heading back into my
load & scalability testing.  I am using Berkely DB XML which beats the
pants off of eXist in performance but has no where the feature set of
eXist.  I plan to re-test eXist 1.1 on my production server so I can get
a better handle on the speeds on a machine with a bit more beef.

I am also going to give this Nux a shot too.  Anyone out there using it?