On Nov 27, 2006, at 3:54 PM, Andrew Nagy wrote:

> Could you please describe the time for when this might occur as I have
> already booked my flight into Atlanta for late in the afternoon so I
> would need to change that if you plan on having the session earlier in
> the day.

Hi, Andrew. Since this will be an all-day event, the session would be
starting first thing in the morning on Feb 27. I'm thinking 9am, but
I haven't confirmed that with anyone else. I'm just flying by the
seat of my pants here.

> We just last week finished up the beta release of our new OPAC that is
> based on a native XML Database based with modified MARCXML records,
> but
> have been somewhat disappointed with the performance of the XML
> Database
> search times.  I have been considering looking at other options
> such as
> lucene based products (XTF, etc).   This would be a great topic for
> me.

At UVa we have been burned several times by poor search performance
of XML native databases. In light of this, we're starting to look at
the database and the index as separate but cooperative pieces of the
application. That way you can use solr / lucene for search, faceted
browse, etc, and your XML database only for known item retrieval,
which it is generally able to do without performance issues. I'm
hopping up and down waiting for someone to take this approach with an
ILS, so please come and show us what you've got!