Bess Sadler wrote:
> application. That way you can use solr / lucene for search, faceted
> browse, etc, and your XML database only for known item retrieval,
> which it is generally able to do without performance issues. I'm
> hopping up and down waiting for someone to take this approach with an
> ILS, so please come and show us what you've got!
Would this approach complicate hilighting of hits-in-context?  One of
the biggest things missing from most current OPACs in my opinion is
google-style excerpting of WHAT part of the record matched the query--on
the results page. Many mainstream OPACs do currently provide some form
of hilighting on the detail/full-bib page, but it's not generally truly
identifying _which_ parts of the record _actually_ matched your search
(a search just on title will still hilight the word found in a non-title
field), which I find annoying.

Do these kind of hybrid approaches complicate the task of providing
proper result hilighting in context, or am I off on the wrong direction?


> Bess

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